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WHOO… Time for another GUI Tool…

As part of citrix VDI life cycle, citrix admins would be tasked to update master images and update machine catalogs based on the same. For PVS update process is completely different. For MCS dynamic VDIs, we already have a GUI option in studio to update machine catalog with updated snapshot. But for MCS static VDIs, we don’t have a GUI option to update the catalogs. We have to manually update the master image, create snapshot and update the new snapshot in the catalog schema.

Because of this issue, we might have dependency in citrix teams for people who know powershell. So, I came up with a GUI tool which updates the MCS static catalogs. Since citrix already has a GUI option to update MCS dynamic catalogs, I am not specifying anything about updating dynamic catalogs anywhere. No posh knowledge is required to use this tool. Just enter citrix server name, catalog name, vcenter server name and hit update catalog button. Optionally, it also displays the existing snapshot details for machine catalog when you use “Get Existing snapshot details” button.

For those who say, alright enough of explanation – show me how it looks like, Here is the screenshot:

Check out my github page, for script and usage:

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