Suggestions to Citrix

Below are some of the suggestions that I would like citrix to implement:

  • Option on machine catalog to auto deploy VDIs. Also, option to choose how many and select delivery group to add. I have deployed a powershell script for the same, given here:
  • Tool for helpdesk to resolve basic issues like broker service restart, status of VDI in citrix and vcenter, session info on the VDI.
  • Join existing farm using database server and instance name. Currently it is set to use any existing delivery controller name. It then prompts for databse credentials and connects to the database, joins new server to the farm. But what if all the delivery controllers are down still database server is up and running? I have gone through CTX213386 but looks complicated.. would be easy to have a way to enter database name, and credentials, and join to existing site.
  • Add user’s VDI (if user has static VDI) broker service status in storefront page and a button to restart the broker service. If restarting broker service doesnt work user will use restart VDI option to restart his VDI.