What’s New with Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops – Q3 2018

What’s New

Citrix announced lot of new features and name changes so far. I wanted to cover some of the new features till Q3 2018 which were discussed a recent webinar. Some of the features including, but not limited to:

  • Product name changes: We already know, citrix has changed all product names recently. Based on the type of product they changed names accordingly so that it would be easy for customers to adopt. More info here: https://www.citrix.com/about/citrix-product-guide/
  • New version number format: So far for all citrix products it is majorversion.minorversion.BuildNumber, but going forward, it would be in the format: yymm:xxxx:zzzz. YYMM year and month when the component is released, xxxx minor update, and zzzz Build number.
  • Optimized Web-based content delivery: From user’s point of view it looks like he is accessing content and app from the VDA, but the actual rendering happens on the user’s end point device. This is different from Local app access, with local app access, you use the app installed on the end point. Application and rendering happens completely on the end point. But you view it within the VDA. But with this new web based content delivery, application opens within VDA, but rendering is on user’s end point device. This is for any other web RTC applications like google hangouts, microsoft teams etc.
  • HDX optimization pack for chromebooks.
  • More granular approach in delegated administration. You can assign scope to any individual machine catalog and delivery group to a role.
  • Nvidia NVENC and H.265 codec supported.
  • Webcam plug and play, battery status displayed in VDI, display enhancements, faster smart card performance, improved built to loseless image quality (instead of jpeg compression, they used h.264 and h.265 codecs).
  • ITSM connector for service now (available in citrix cloud).
  • Configuration Logging and Local Host Cache are available for cloud connectors.
  • Citrix Cloud is available for APAC region now.
  • Availability for VDIs on Google cloud platform. (You can do it only with citrix cloud).
  • Server 2019 support.
  • Citrix cloud portal now has an option “Azure quick deploy” which can connect to your Azure account and create master image and catalogs in Azure easily.
  • More simplified administration, improved logon visibility and application probing, new alert policies, integrated VDA Health Assistant in citrix director.
  • App layering support for 1709 and 1803 windows 10 versions.
  • WEM support in citrix cloud.
  • Simplified license management in citrix cloud. You can release citrix licenses and reassign to other users. (finally you can do it officially)
  • VXME – improved virtualization experience media engine – This is the name for cisco jabber HDX pack.

Finally, next LTSR version is going to be released in 2019.

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